Qasil + Daily Cleanser
Qasil + Daily Cleanser
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Qasil + Daily Cleanser

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Qasil Powder is a powerful multi-purpose cleansing powder that is derived from crushed leaves of the 'Gob' tree in East Africa. Famously used for centuries by Somali women for maintaining healthy skin, this is Somali women's best kept secret. Qasil Powder is essentially used in their beauty regime as it is known to work for all skin types and has many benefits. Qasil Powder naturally foams making it a great daily facial cleanser.

3-in-1 cleanser ; gently exfoliates, can be used as a face mask and a spot treatment!

Cleanse + Even + Hydrate + Repair + Brighten 

Best for:




Acne Prone 



How to use:

A little goes a long way 1 teaspoon each use should be enough


As an every day cleanser: Mix with water until it is a gel like substance, rub your hands together. On damp skin, massage into a circular motion around the entire face and neck for about 2-3 mins. Also, you can add ingredients or use as is.

As a face mask: Mix with water, apply to face and neck. Let it sit for 10-15 mins. You can add some of your own favorite ingredients if you like such as turmeric.


Cruelty free

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